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KMIZ export is a 100% subsidiary of KMIZ (Kazan Medical Instruments Plant), the largest developer and manufacturer of dental, microsurgical instruments and polymer products in Russia. With more than 90 years of experience KMIZ belongs to the leading companies of the branch worldwide and supplies more than 5.000 different products to partners in Asia, Europe and the US. KMIZ manufactures a wide range of dental instruments and handmade titanium or stainless steel products which guaranty high product quality for which KMIZ is very popular worldwide. KMIZ received international awards such as "Best Trademark" and "Commercial Prestige" for its innovations and high quality standards. The company invests continuously into the research and development of new technologies and thereby relies on its very qualified and specialized employees. KMIZ maintains a continuous relationship with universities, partner companies, and end-users in order to benefit from their knowledge and to put new ideas into effect as soon as possible.

Tradition: KMIZ is an experienced company with long history and number of traditions. Originally it started its work in 1931. With several reorganization arrangements, especially during the years of change in the nineties, KMIZ established itself to become a worldwide leading manufacturer in the field of medical devices. High quality KMIZ products are being used by thousands of physicians, not only in most of the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also in more than 40 countries around the world.

Today KMIZ is:

  • an innovative market leader in the field of dental and microsurgical instruments
  • a leader in research amd development of future oriented products with the use of the knowledge of various universities and business partners

KMIZ Product-Portfolio:

Dentistry: Instruments for endodontic treatment,  general dentistry, implantology, maxillo-facial-surgery, dental handpieces for general dentistry, diamond burs, and carbide cutters for dental laboratories

Ophthalmology: Wide range of Instruments

Vascular Surgery: Instruments

Production: Due to its longtime experience throughout many decades, KMIZ has harmonized all of its subareas in production. KMIZ benefits especially from its Research & Development Department, which maintains a very close relationship with medical centers and specialists in medicine. Well-known heart surgeons, like Renat Aktschurin or Leo Bokeria, were significantly involved in the development of many of the innovations of the KMIZ product portfolio.

Employees: KMIZ employs more than 600 people and maintains more than 1.000 machines for production. 30% of the machines are state-of-the-art CAD-CAM machines of English and German origin. This is of great importance for partner companies and end-users, due to the very efficient use of the machines and the price advantage resulting from this.

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