Diamond burs

Choosing diamond burs

Dental Rotary instruments are used for a number of procedures. Diamond burs are more efficient in drilling, finishing and grinding. They are better for cleaning and polishing. For the best result, there are a wide variety of shapes. Diamond burs are produced with three standard parts — the shank, neck and head. KMIZ burs include stainless steel shanks with time-tested quality and natural diamond grit. Podology rotary instruments and manicure rotary instruments can contain synthetic diamond grit.

Types of grit

When choosing KMIZ dental burs, consider one of three types of grit. Coarser-grit diamond burs are generally favored for materials heavy to remove. Finer grits are commonly used in finishing. The shank of each bur is marked according to the International Standards Organization (ISO) coding system:

  • Red color ring for fine;
  • Neutral or blue for medium/standard;
  • Green color ring for coarse.

Main functions of dental burs

Shapes of dental burs include round, straight, and conical.

  • for cavity preparation — round, round and neck, inverted cone, double inverted cone, pear, surgical length round, gingival curettage, torpedo cylinder, pointed cylinder;
  • for crown and bridge preparation — gross reduction, flat end taper, taper rounded shoulder, round end taper, x-mas tree;
  • for cavity preparation, for crown and bridge preparation — cylinder rounded shoulder, round end cylinder, flat end cylinder, flame;
  • for preparation of palatinal areas, occlusal reduction and cavity preparation, for crown and bridge preparation — egg/football, wheel;
  • for occlusal reduction, for crown and bridge preparation — barrel, round wheel, knife edge;
  • for separation — inter proximal, separation;
  • for occlusal reduction, cavity preparation, and for crown and bridge preparation — needle.

Dental diamonds ensure perfect sharpness and cutting efficiency. The burs are available in all popular shapes and sizes to suit all your needs. Experts can buy dental burs for their specific procedures. Identification color code for each type of bur provides an easy and quick choice. KMIZ produces 100% controlled dental burs in Russia. As the largest manufacturer of dental products in Russia, KMIZ follows high standards of dental industry.


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