KMIZ specializes in the production of endodontic instruments. Thanks to experience and technological innovations, the KMIZ produces thousands of medical products, and is in demand far beyond the domestic market.

Features of K-files

K-files are more flexible and have sharper blades with non-cutting tip (blind tip). Endodontic instruments are used:

  • to enlarge canal after debridement;
  • to carry away the fragments of dentinal shavings from the root-canal walls;
  • for canal negotiation, shaping, and recapitulation of root-canal systems.
k files

Blade of K-Files from stainless steel is grinded with a square section and then twisted to obtain cutting power and flexibility. K-files are used with a filing or rasping motion, excepting constant rotation of the instrument. The instrument is placed toward the apex until it binds with the tooth structure and then remove the instrument by scraping against the dentin wall. K-files advanced to the full working length rotated 1/4 to 1/2 turn clockwise, and withdrawn while being pressed against each of the walls. The process is repeated until the canal is adequately enlarged to proceed to the next size instrument. The main design feature is the lack of stiffness in negotiation of curved and calcified canals.

The advantages of K-files

  • determining curvature and achieving and maintaining patency;
  • the stiffness of stainless steel files is valuable in canal exploration and breaking through blockages, especially dentin mud and calcifications;
  • acceptable price.

KMIZ endodontic instruments are made from high quality stainless steel for excellent working characteristics.

In order to buy K-Files, you need to leave a request through a feedback form or contact the manager at number +7 (843) 221-93-33.

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