Award of Tatarstan State Prize in the field of science and technology.

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Award of Tatarstan State Prize in the field of science and technology.
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20 November 2017

KMIZ's work on production and introduction of micrisurgical instruments  for the treatment of coronary and vascular diseases was awarded with Tatarstan State Prize in the field of science and technology.

Laureates were:

- famous cardiacsurgeon Academician Renat Suleymanovich Akchurin (he was Michael DeBakey's student, saved thousands lives, including the brilliantly operation to Boris Yeltsin, developed dozens of medical technologies and instruments for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including in collaboration with KMIZ);

- Professor Andrei Andreevich Shiryaev, a well-known cardiosurgeon specializing in the use of microsurgical techniques in coronary surgery

- Nur Khamzinovich Shakirov, General Director of the KMIZ for more than 30 years. He saved the plant during Perestroika, not allowing it to be turned into a wholesale market.

- Aron Gdalevich Frenkel, the founder of the production of microsurgical instruments not only in Tatarstan, but in Russia. He is revered by famous Russian and foreign surgeons in the field of cardiology, ophthalmology, general surgery. Despite his respected age, he still has a lot of ideas, suggestions and he is always full of energy!

- Minister of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan  Adel Yunusovich Vafin. Nobody cancelled the organization process in healthcare: it's impossible to introduce and disseminate new technologies and methods of treatment without the Ministry of Health and its directing, creating and supporting in this process.

Congratulations to the Laureates! Now it's a small matter - all clinics in Tatarstan should be provided with our instruments.


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