H-files are one of the most effective instruments for root canal treatment. Hedstrom files are designed for enlarging and cleaning of root canal during pulpitis and periodontitis treatment, used during smoothening root canal walls.

Application of H- files

The main application of H- files:

  • Probing;
  • Permeabilization;
  • Extraction of debris;
  • Evacuation organic tissue.

H-files are more suitable in large canals. Their use is essential for up-and-down motion because of their profile.

Design features

  • the spiral is made of stainless steel;
  • the flutes constitute a continuous spiral like in a screw.

Endodontic files from KMIZ ensure:

  • enhanced efficiency;
  • better tactile feedback for dentist;
  • safety for patient.

H-files are packed in blisters.

In order to buy H-files, you need to leave a request through a feedback form or contact the manager by number +7 (843) 221-93-33.

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