KMIZ specializes in the manufacture of dental instruments, such as endodontic instruments. KMIZ is one of the largest manufacturers of dental products in Russia. Experience and technical potential allow creating high-quality products, the number of which reaches 3000 names.

Barbed/nerve broaches

Barbed/nerve broaches are designed for single-use removal of the pulp tissue during root canal treatment.

Resilience of barbs provides quick and safe removal of pulp tissue. Barbed broaches do not break in root canal if used properly.

The barbed broaches is inserted in root canal and rotated on 90-180⁰ till it hooks the pulp completely following which the barb is taken out.

The nerve broach is an extirpating, NOT an enlarging, instrument. The nerve broach is formed from a tapered round shaft by lifting up portions of metal of the shaft almost at a right angle to the shaft. These elevated barbs will engage the pulp tissue and remove it from the canal.

Barbed broaches are packed in blisters.

Why us?

Since KMIZ is a manufacturer, the following privileges are granted to customers:

  • Quality assurance
  • Fast shipping of the order
  • Many years of experience and guarantee of reliability of the supplier

In order to get acquainted with the full range and order the barbed broaches, you need to contact our managers at +7(843) 203-94-95 or leave a request through feedback on our website.

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